Same Amazing Gym, New Name, Bigger Team!

Announcing the EXCITING NEWS of our recent acquisition of a +5000sq' fully equipped high-end fitness facility - *Island Optimal Island Optimal Health and Performance Centre* in Nanaimo (formerly Over The Hurdle Athletics)!

We take great pride in offering the best care for our clients and patients to assist in improving their health, performance and overall well being and now with the added strength and conditioning aspect, we are excited to deliver an even greater and complete service!


Our training sessions are designed with ‘the athlete’ in mind… dedicated, motivated, committed and passionate.

Our goal is to elevate your Inner Athlete and help surpass any fitness and performance goals you set.

Designed for optimal body-mind conditioning and performance, our programs are tailored for ANYONE regardless of fitness level or experience. Whether you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, or improved sports or physical performance, if you are serious about your health and fitness and looking for guidance, support, motivation, and encouragement by teammates and coaches, let us help you not only achieve your goals but surpass them beyond measure.

We offer circuit, strength & conditioning, and cross training group sessions, active recovery sessions, popular fitness classes, technical and educational workshops, private, personal and team training, as well as supervised open gym training with structured daily programs. We are confident and excited for you to find what you are looking for and more.
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What makes Island Optimal Health & Performance Center unique is the foundation that it is built upon.

A multidisciplinary team of passionate health professionals combined with certified strength and conditioning specialists brings the highest level of quality training, physical and mental performance, noticeable results, and overall wellbeing and care, while reducing the occurrence of injuries.

It is our goal to help you find increased strength, physical agility, speed, endurance, coordination, stamina, core stability, mobility, flexibility, decrease risk of injury, and improved zest for live. Our team also offers a wealth of knowledge, clinical experience and skill for those looking for maximal workout recovery, and specific injury prevention, management or rehabilitation.

We are excited to share with you our passion and motivation and to be a part of your success.

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