Movement Essentials (with Anne-Marie)

This class is taught by:
Movement is essential to human health. And when we move well, we feel well! (*PLEASE NOTE: for the month of July, Anne-Marie will be filling in for Lesley on Tuesdays)

Just like we have nutritional requirements to stay healthy, our bodies also have movement requirements! But not all movement has the same impact on our bodies. We need a variety of movements in order to thrive. In these classes, you will learn how to perform simple, yet effective stretches while targeting smaller movements that are often avoided or difficult to get to, since most of us are either sedentary for the majority of the day (working at a desk) or move in repetitive patterns.

Learn from Island Optimal’s Osteopathic Practitioner as she shares with you some of her favourite exercises and information about how our bodies work, and why we need daily movement.

Whether you want to prevent or rehabilitate an injury, or wish to improve your technique in your sport or at the gym, this class will provide you with a valuable foundation and improved body awareness that will benefit you in your every day upper body activities. All levels of fitness are welcome!