Lesley instructs the following:
  • Movement Essentials *Performance Centre
  • We can all move better. In this class we will focus on functional training, engaging muscles typically forgotten about while emphasizing core strength, posture, and body awareness. Lesley's knowledge and experience in Personal Training and Rehabilitation will teach you how to modify and move more effectively as well as learn, develop and gain the essentials for a strong and confident body in whatever way you move! We highly recommend this class to all of our new members, elite athletes, and everyone who feels they want a bit more of a breakdown and help with functional movement. Whether you are a high level athlete looking to increase your performance or prevent injury, a new mom with all new physical demands, someone rehabbing an injury or looking to feel better, or simply want to stand taller with more confidence – this non-cardio class is for you!

  • Tabata
  • Tabatta : You better come to WORK
    Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 12:15- 12:45

    This class isn't necessarily one we would recommend to beginners... it's INTENSE! Tabatta training by general definition, is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 4 minutes. We will stack variations of exercises for you to add up to 30 minutes, with the goal of an absolutely lung and muscle smashing workout. You will come across exercises like push ups, lunges, burpees, deadlifts, squats, sprints, mountain climbers ... and all kinds of fun surprises. The whole point is to absolutely blast and fatigue as many muscle groups as possible and jack up your heart rate and metabolism in a short period. The benefits? Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, full body strength, and a metabolism spike that eats at fat for hours after the work out's done. Are you a beginner but want to give it a try? Bring it ON! Just let your instructor know so that they can offer modifications and help if you need it! Let's do this!

  • Movement Essentials *1881 Dufferin Crescent