Patrick instructs the following:
  • Weight Training
  • Weight training is important for losing weight, raising metabolism, strengthening bones and muscles and improving fitness.
    In a supportive environment, our skilled weight training coaches will guide, encourage and ensure proper lifting technique to maximize muscle strength and endurance without the fear of humiliation or injury.
    An essential key to your overall Optimal Strength & Conditioning Program.

  • Power Forty-Five
  • This offer our athletes of all levels an opportunity to train specific muscle groups, while maintaining an increased heart rate to maximize cardiovascular health as well as increasing muscular metabolism for weight loss and strength gains. This power packed 45 minute session will achieve your health and fitness goals over a lunch break or make sure you get your workout in bright and early.

    ***Take advantage of our full shower facility to get you back to work feeling not only amazing but fresh too!

  • Tabata FX30
  • Tabatta FX30: You better come to WORK
    Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 12:15- 12:45

    This class isn't necessarily one we would recommend to beginners... it's INTENSE! Tabatta training by general definition, is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 4 minutes. We will stack variations of exercises for you to add up to 30 minutes, with the goal of an absolutely lung and muscle smashing workout. You will come across exercises like push ups, lunges, burpees, deadlifts, squats, sprints, mountain climbers ... and all kinds of fun surprises. The whole point is to absolutely blast and fatigue as many muscle groups as possible and jack up your heart rate and metabolism in a short period. The benefits? Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, full body strength, and a metabolism spike that eats at fat for hours after the work out's done. Are you a beginner but want to give it a try? Bring it ON! Just let your instructor know so that they can offer modifications and help if you need it! Let's do this!

  • Cross Training XT3
  • This cross training class targets strength building and muscular endurance through a circuit of resistance and strength training exercises. An increased heart rate is also maintained to maximizes the opportunity for cardiovascular health as well as an increased muscular metabolism for increased strength gains and weight loss.

    XT3: This total body boot-camp style class conditions the entire body.

    (Combine with XT1 or XT2 and another Optimal Class for your Optimal weekly workout program.)