HYDRATE. Please remember to drink lots of water before, during and after you workout. It is very important to stay hydrated. You can bring your own bottle and fill it at our facility.

EAT. We recommend a meal no more then two hours before you come to workout, or a light snack up to half an hour before your workout. An empty stomach might not be the best idea when you are needing energy to really give’r.

WHAT TO WEAR. Athletic apparel, shorts or light pants along with a top that breathes and is comfortable to sweat in. Bring your own towel or borrow one from us, we supply them right here.

ARRIVE EARLY. Please do your best to be here 10 min before your class starts so you are prepared and ready to work. The instructor is also here to answer any questions you may have or to discuss any modifications you might need made to your workout.

CHECK-IN. We recommend you book online to secure your spot in class as well as help our instructors plan for the best class possible. When you walk into the gym you will see a sign-in sheet to fill out. If you are a first timer our friendly staff will provide you with the appropriate forms to be completed before you workout.




SHOES. Please bring appropriate (and clean) footwear for your workout, if they have a blown out sole maybe leave those ones at home…

WATER. Bring the H20, drink the H20.

CHANGE ROOMS AND SHOWERS. We have change rooms here so you can change pre and post workout. Belongings can be stored in the cubbies in the gym for easy access. Showers are on site for your use, please bring a towel from home.