Patrick Milford


Strength Training Coach & Head Trainer

A bona fide Islander, Patrick was involved in soccer, track & field, wrestling, Olympic lifting, and rugby as an athlete. He was also heavily involved in coaching rugby at both Dover Bay Secondary and Cedar Secondary for close to seven years.

Patrick is joining the Island Optimal team after working for two years in Saskatchewan as a strength coach as well as coaching the SK U18 boys Rugby team. He loves to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Whether it is helping an athlete reach their athletic potential or helping a neighbour find a way to relieve some back pain; nothing is more rewarding than the gratitude he receives from his clients.

Want to know more about Patrick?
• Diploma in Sport, Health, and Physical Education from VIU
• NCCP Level 2 Coach in Weightlifting and Rugby
• NCCP Level 1 Coach in multiple disciplines
• 3 time Junior Canadian Weightlifting Champion
• Silver medal at 2013 Western Canada Weightlifting Championships
• Current member of Nanaimo Hornets 1st XV Rugby Squad (Tight head prop)

If that wasn’t enough, most people are surprised to hear that Patrick used to work at an afterschool daycare, spending most of his time taking care of the kids with down-syndrome who needed more attention than the rest of the kids. Patrick calls this is the only job he has had which may have been more rewarding than being a trainer, and he still goes back to visit the kids whenever I get the chance.

Motivations: When Patrick was 16 years old he was diagnosed with a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis. In and out of hospitals for seven years and heavily medicated, he eventually had some major surgeries to get fixed up. For him, after that experience, just being able to be physically active is a blessing. Taking advantage of being healthy fit and strong both for him and his clients, is a daily priority for Patrick.

Patrick provides personal training sessions and teaches various fitness classes at our Performance Centre.