Junior Trainer


As a recent Nanaimo District graduate, Zephyr plans on furthering his education at VIU by taking their kinesiology program. By joining the team here at Optimal Zephyr plans on gaining some first hand work experience in the health and performance field. Physical activity has always been a focal point in Zephyr’s life. Whether it be playing football and soccer to stay active or playing rugby to represent Canada he’s always striving to better himself through training and sport. Zephyr has represented Canada on three different occasions, all through their U18 rugby program. Multi time BC Bears representative and three time Bear’s captain.


Rugby is a huge commitment for Zephyr, requiring long days on the road or ferries, but it just invigorates his love or the game even more. When he's not playing he can be found exploring his home island of Gabriola. Soaking in its natural beauty in the form of beaches and forests. Come summer time Zephyr spends time as a youth leader for the K.I.T.S (Kids In The Spotlight) Haven program. 


Surrounded by a wide range of ages from as young as 3 to as old as 65 has allowed for many experiences not normally found at school establishments. Helping others understand their own process well simultaneously learning about his own, K.I.T.S has developed Zephyr into the young but experienced person he is.